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A Guide to the TAC I/A Series
A Guide to the TAC I/A Series
June 30, 2017

The TAC I/A Series of products includes a collection of enterprise-wide access control solutions for buildings and private enterprises. Unlike most other series by Schneider Electric, this line of products delivers a complete building access, monitoring and control solution.


TAC I/A Series is Manufactured with Quality in Mind

Just like all other products from the manufacturer, they are crafted at the highest level of manufacturing quality, meaning high reliability and resulting in guaranteed consumer satisfaction. To allow for seamless execution of advanced security, monitoring and control processes, Schneider’s products are designed to run through an advanced software platform – the SmartStruxure.


The Types of TAC I/A Series Products

This enhances the accessibility and control by users from their phones or computerized systems both remotely and on-site. For improved ease of running the products on this platform, Schneider has classed the range in the TAC I/A series into two major classes:


  • Building management systems (BMS)   
  • Field Devices


BMS and Field Devices: What’s the Difference?

The BMS class includes a collection of advanced security monitoring systems designed to enhance accessibility and security in buildings. On the other hand, the field devices class encompasses a collection of sensory devices used in the detection and identification of users accessing a building.

When perfectly paired together, BMS systems and specific field devices enhance the security and accessibility of buildings significantly. As a rule, you should always remember to match the right BMS with the recommended Schneider field devices. For example, products in the TAC I/A Series should be paired with others in the same series for maximum effectiveness.   

To properly configure your components to ensure good system-wide communications, you need to have professional on-site. Installation should only be carried out by authorized service agents. Always committed to helping you conduct a smooth software and hardware upgrade, JBS Services is an authorized dealer, supplier and service agent for all Schneider Electric’s products. For more information about us, visit www.jbsservices.ca


Super helpful explanation of the difference between BMS and Field Devices!
Posted by: Drew P. | September 14, 2017, 10:27 am
Automation is the way forward
Posted by: Zagreb | July 13, 2017, 1:54 pm
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