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Advantage of Invensys Niagara Workplace Tech
Advantage of Invensys Niagara Workplace Tech
June 16, 2016

One of the requirements for a building management control system is intelligence so that it can provide the necessary information in real time. It is critical for building management to reduce operating expenditures without compromising overall building performance through an effective and intelligent system. Invensys Niagara Workplace Tech is an intelligent technology that monitors and controls a building’s technical systems and services like air conditioning, heating, ventilation, air quality, lighting and hydraulics.

Importance of computer-based building management systems

When the essential services of a building are effectively managed, the building’s energy performance is improved. With Invensys Niagara Workplace Tech there is very little need for extensive training because the system makes use of a simple browser interface and layout that is very easy to understand. The computer-based system provides the necessary information to understand the energy usage of the building so that it can be efficiently controlled and managed. When you have a system in place for building management, tenants will understand the commitment to improving building services and energy efficiency.

The very essence of building management lies on the control technologies that are being used to allow integration, automation and optimization of all the services that are being provided. The original basis for control technologies used in building management is the programmable logic controller but latest developments in technology have introduced intelligent microprocessors. The use of such technologies has definitely gained significant reductions in energy usage to enjoy large savings.

An example of computer-based technology is time-based control that can automatically turn off and turn on the heating system at pre-selected periods within the day. No matter the environmental conditions, the time-based control makes sure that the occupants of a building enjoy their desired temperature. Temperature control also provides protection against frozen pipes by running the heating system pumps and boilers when the outdoor temperature reaches the freezing point.

Lighting is also controlled through the Invensys Niagara Workplace Tech to achieve a certain level of illumination for a particular lighting system. Lights are switched on automatically corresponding to usage needs and layout of lit areas. For energy efficiency, only the small areas that require lighting are given the necessary illumination. Time controlled switches can automatically be switched on and off at a preset schedule for light use. Since there are areas of a building that are occupied intermittently, sensors are used to indicate whether the area is occupied or unoccupied so that light can be switched on or off accordingly.

Until recently, energy efficiency was not the priority of building management however, the dramatic increase in energy awareness has resulted into technologies like Invensys Niagara Workplace Tech for a more effective and efficient process of building management and control. With energy efficiency in buildings, greenhouse gas emissions are reduced to support government policies toward climate change. However, many existing buildings still use outdated and ineffective controls where human element is required. Intelligent systems make the job easier for building managers because they only need a computer to ensure that every system in the building is operating correctly.   

I agree with both of your comments. Our world is changing for the better.
Posted by: Milan | August 22, 2016, 11:08 am
Energy efficient tech is the way to go, anything to reduce our footprint!
Posted by: Christopher | August 8, 2016, 9:40 am
Technology is really getting advanced.
Posted by: Mike | July 14, 2016, 1:41 pm
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