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Holiday Schedules for Building Automation System
Holiday Schedules for Building Automation System
December 22, 2016

Are you going away somewhere warm for the holidays? Is your facility on vacation until the new year? It’s easy to just lock up the doors and go enjoy that sunny beach, but don’t forget that your building automation system is still working! Program your building automation system to reduce energy consumption and keep things in tip-top shape, ready for your return.

Minimal Effort

Based on the equipment and working conditions, you might have set some rooms to be warmer, cooler, more humid, or drier. There might have be maximum airflow for ventilation, or specific lighting at scheduled times of the day. But while everyone is away for the holidays, your building automation system is working only for the equipment. Make sure you adjust your settings to ensure fully functional equipment on your return, but minimize your energy consumption.

Every Room Is Unique

Don’t shut everything off. Make sure your building automation system settings are optimal for not only the equipment, but any water or gas lines running through the rooms. If you have water or gas lines running through several rooms, you may need to adjust your settings accordingly. Check for materials and stock that may need specific temperatures or humidity for safe storage. Any damaged or spoiled inventory will lead to a costly recovery and a stressful return from a relaxing holiday.

Close All Windows

It’s common sense to close all the windows while you’re away. Closing the windows prevents theft or weather damage. Check that all your windows are closed, because if your building automation system detects an open window, it starts working harder to keep your room in perfect condition. Depending on what the presets were for that particular room, you could end up walking in to a very costly energy bill.

JBS Services work in partnership with many reputable manufacturers, including Schneider Electric, Siebe, and Invensys. Depending on the model and the age of your building automation system, you may be able to have several preset modes to save you time and effort. It would be as simple as selecting Economy Mode or Comfort Mode. If your building automation system does not have these features, take care to spend a little time before your holidays to save you a lot of time when you come back to work, refreshed and ready to start the new year. Our professionals are happy to help you set up your building automation system to give you a peace of mind on your warm holiday trip.

Ya that\'s why having an automated system is important, so you can change the settings whenever it\'s needed.
Posted by: Janet | January 31, 2017, 12:02 pm
The university\\\'s system is automated, but we changed it this year because the weather was really different from the last few years.
Posted by: yanis | January 13, 2017, 10:51 am
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