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How a Building Automation System Works
How a Building Automation System Works
June 15, 2017

By definition, a building automation system is the management and control of a building’s mechanical, security, safety, electrical and HVAC systems. The building automation system can, from a central console, properly manage the use and monitor the performance of individual systems within a given structure.

There are four cornerstones in building automation system, which are as follows:

  1. Control: This involves the control of the building environment. Control involves the regulation of the different individual systems in the building. This includes timing of operation of individual systems from a centralized location. With control, the building automation system is able to properly manage the use of facilities within the building.
  2. Operation: This involves the proper operation of systems in accordance with current demand. This is the monitoring aspect of a building automation system. When one system has an issue or fails altogether, the building automation system is able to identify the issue and address the same, whether automatically or physically through an actual examination of the problem.
  3. Alert: This involves emergencies as well as alerts for occupants of the building. When a problem arises, such as a blockage in the waste disposal system or fire, the building automation system will send a warning through alert systems of the danger.
  4. Efficiency: This involves the efficient use of resources for the building. It has become the norm to find efficient uses of building systems to avoid wasteful use. This may include lowering the building temperature at given times when the building or area’s population is low. This also includes wastewater prevention as well as garbage segregation.

These cornerstones working together can provide a building automation system that will help optimize services for the building’s users in the long-run. JBS Services has been providing building automation system solutions to our clients since 1975. We specialize in Barber Colman, TAC controls, Siebe, Invensys and Schneider Electric direct digital control systems. Chat with one of our customer service representatives today at 905.453.8297 to learn more!

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