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How a Building Management System Reduces Risk in Emergencies
How a Building Management System Reduces Risk in Emergencies
November 18, 2016

A building management system (BMS) can be described as a control system used in buildings to monitor and control electrical and mechanical equipment for improved efficiency. It consistently improves environments while minimizing costs for lighting, ventilation, fire systems, power and security systems. A building management system involves both hardware and software programs that can be configured in a certain hierarchical manner. This mostly applies to the software program.

A lifesaver in emergency situations

The building management system also controls the entire internal environment of a building. Technology such as the closed circuit television is applied together with motion detectors to enhance safety and easy management of the building. In addition, support systems can also be linked to building management systems, such as fire alarms and modern elevators. In case of emergency situations like fires, the building management system assess where the fire started and immediately shuts down all ventilation to ensure smoke does not transfer from room to room. Other emergency preventative measures correspond with the sounding of the fire alarm, such as sending all elevators to the ground floor where they cannot be accessed. During an emergency relating to fire, only stairs should be used for evacuation.  

Easily accessible information for decision making

Upgrading your building with a building management system has plenty of advantages. Whenever reporting is required, data is confined to a single system where one only needs to toggle between the content of interest. Decision making is simplified as information can be compared in one sitting and conveniently assessed to form an informed option. The building management system is energy efficient in that, through monitoring, one can dictate where to effectively distribute energy. In addition, a building management system has minimal operational risks and is highly flexible, making it possible to grow and expand its intelligent reporting. 

Would like to look into the hardware and software programs more in depth.
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