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How do building automation systems work?
How do building automation systems work?
August 18, 2016

A building automation system is made up of automatic and centralized control of the building sub-systems such as air conditioning, heating, ventilation and lighting, to ensure improved user comfort, energy consumption minimization and reduction of costs. The electronics involved are set to computer networks such that there is monitoring and controlling of security, mechanical, fire and lighting systems.


It is important in keeping the climate of a building within a specific range and also assists in providing building malfunctions alarms, especially for the maintenance staff. Normally, buildings that have building automation system installation have fewer costs of maintenance and the energy used is minimized to give proper maximization. Its application is mainly in institutions, industrial buildings and also homes.


The systems contain many types of inputs and outputs. These include sensors which are used in relation to some variables such as temperature, pressure, and humidity etc.  Controls are mainly analog which can regulate the speed of a device and its position for instance in the case of a hot water valve that opens to a given level to ensure it maintains a set point.


A building automation system gives a building a new look where in the case of lighting it controls turning off or on and also can dim the lights. This will depend on with the time or photo sensors depending on what the building is mostly used for. Where the installed lamps have failed the fitted sensors are able to show hence replacing in time. This saves on costs and improves efficiency where maintenance is really customized and easy despite the size and complication of the building. They are easy to install both in new and old buildings and where it requires improvement in the case where it was properly installed, a repair and correction can be done to make the building fully updated. Among other advantages, it improves safety and easy detection of risks in case they occur. JBS services is in the forefront of providing high quality installations for time tested automation systems



I\'d be interested to see the numbers when used in combination with energy efficient appliances.
Posted by: Bryan | December 8, 2016, 9:16 am
Are there any energy efficiency benefits?
Posted by: Hector | November 18, 2016, 12:27 pm
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