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How HVAC Control Systems Regulate Building Temperatures
How HVAC Control Systems Regulate Building Temperatures
November 30, 2016

Modern HVAC control systems operate in accordance with the basic principles of building automation. Their many useful applications include keeping all rooms at optimum temperature through the use of valves, actuators, sensors and temperature controls. By pre-setting your desired temperature settings with the help of our HVAC control systems, you save time and money by lowering the energy consumption of the entire building.

There are two basic classifications of HVAC controls:

  • Self-contained units
  • Central system packages

Unit packages convert a primary energy source such as gas or electricity in order to provide the necessary cooling or heating to the space desired. Some classic examples of self-contained unit packages include air conditioning units, rooftop HVAC, air-to-air heat pumps, etc. In central controls, the primary conversion from fuel takes place in one location, with a form of thermal energy being distributed across the building facility. Central systems combine a central supply with several end-use subsystems. End-use systems can be terminal units or fan systems. The main advantage of central HVAC control systems is that they have lower operating costs despite their complex control sequence.

So, why are HVAC control systems important?

The primary reason for installing HVAC control systems is to regulate temperature and energy use. Our control systems are designed to smartly govern changing conditions such as temperatures, building occupancy and equipment lighting loads. They do so by carefully monitoring rising and falling humidity, pressure, air quality and flow levels. A building with no HVAC control systems in place is susceptible to temperature imbalance, causing different levels to overcool or overheat.

From basic education, we know that the environment is described with four variables: humidity, temperature, ventilation and pressure. While it is impossible to achieve a perfect environment for everybody, creating uniform conditions is critical for comfort. JBS Services is proud in providing high quality HVAC control systems for clients. 

Low maintenance is a huge selling point. Save time and money.
Posted by: Luke | December 8, 2016, 9:20 am
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