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How To Use TAC I/A Series to achieve 100 percent building control
How To Use TAC I/A Series to achieve 100 percent building control
February 17, 2017

Building energy management systems help you monitor and control the energy consumption and technical services of a building from a centralized location. They provide the appropriate tools and information for managers to understand the energy performance at different times in order to assist them in making key decisions. The TAC I/A Series System provides cost-effective and energy-effective solutions that give you absolute control whether from online access or a physical location.

JBS Services offers a full line of regulation-compliant equipment controllers that work with micro-sensors to automatically deliver the set standards in a building environment. All of our TAC I/A Series controllers are programmable with work-place technology tools. While we are responsible for setting the guarantees and guidelines for this system, its operability is quite simple. We provide a quick access to all the necessary support that may be required in order to enhance efficiency.

The TAC I/A Series controllers are interoperable with native Ethernet communications, and hence they don’t pose a challenge when it comes to installing new devices. For instance, when you add an air conditioner to a certain room, it is easy to connect it to the system without necessarily affecting the global operation of the system. The controllers’ graphics and operation sequence are fully programmable using the technology tool and can be applied in a vast range of mechanical equipment.

It is possible to use the TAC I/A Series to manage alarms because it offers a sophisticated routing provision through cell phone, e-mails and/or online platforms. The system is easy to schedule because it offers a graphical calendar where you can set up important controls such as holidays and weekends. The easy accessibility of this system poses low security threats because you can get a full audit trail of anyone who accessed the system and whatever they did. You can choose to add or remove users depending on what you want to achieve.

Very satisfied with the system JBS installed in my building. Would highly recommend them and their services!
Posted by: Jason Y. | May 15, 2017, 11:32 am
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