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HVAC Control Systems Are On The Rise
HVAC Control Systems Are On The Rise
October 06, 2016

The use of hvac control systems has been on the rise in the last few years owing to the convenience and reduction capabilities which come with its use. Actually, most people refer to it as a perfect solution to enhance the conditions of the building. Heating ventilation and air conditioning systems enhance thermal comfort and the quality of indoor air; all aimed at improving the conditions for living. The size and type of the system to be put in place is first put in place is determined by engineers based on the size of the building.

To start with, ventilation is about replacing air with more high quality options in buildings. With this, temperatures can be controlled, oxygen replenished, and odors removed.  This prevents stagnation for air and therefore keeps the environment safe for living. It is an importance system in designing the structures of buildings like apartments, hotels and family homes.

Secondly, the heating bit of hvac control systems does play a role in the generation of heat or warmth in buildings. A central heating point that could be a furnace, boiler or heat pump is used in warming water, air and from a room referred to as a mechanical or furnace room. The method of transfer of the heat could be radiation, convection or radiation based on a particular building setting.

Lastly, air conditioning Is about cooling and controlling the humidity in parts of buildings which contained sealed windows as an open one may inhibit the process. A vent is used in getting fresh air from outside and then it goes into the room and replaces the already in place air.  The amount of return air can be increased or decreased by adjusting the gap left by the vent.

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hvac control systems should be mandatory for many office buildings. it would make things easier. most downtown have, i think.
Posted by: alex-t | January 13, 2017, 10:53 am
Are hvac control systems appropriate for office buildings?
Posted by: Nell | November 30, 2016, 11:58 am
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