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Increase Building Efficiency with Schneider Electric SmartStruxure
Increase Building Efficiency with Schneider Electric SmartStruxure
January 31, 2017


Save up to 30% of your energy costs with a SmartStruxure solution from Schneider Electric ™



One of the best ways to simplify your building’s efficiency is by obtaining a management system that automates the management of different functions of the building. This way, you can achieve an efficient working environment for your employees while drastically minimize power and maintenance cost. Over the years, a number of systems have been developed to achieve this kind of automation, with a big focus on their mode of operation, ease of control and associated capabilities.

If you are one of those building owners faced with great responsibilities in addition to the need to effectively manage a successful enterprise, you need a comprehensive system with flexible and powerful software. This will help you optimize energy consumption, leverage and manage building data, provide full-time information access and give you full control over the building environment. The Schneider Electric SmartStruxure is an ideal software that provides integrated control, management and monitoring of energy, fire safety, lighting and HVAC systems.

Schneider Electric SmartStruxure provides user friendly functionality with single-click reporting easy scheduling of alarms, and calendar-like book marking; just the kind of platform that would really make things easy for you. It is a centralized system, which is scalable, whether it’s on a single building or a global enterprise. It has been identified as a key asset when it comes to time saving and simplification of day to day operations. It turns data into actionable information, which gives the user the choice to give instructions depending on what they want to achieve. What this means is that you can simply monitor an entire process through a single interface, from wherever you are.

Part of the integrated Schneider Electric SmartStruxure enterprises optimizes efficiency across several business domains powered by a simple networking philosophy. The JBS approach is to give users full control of their building by providing you with the appropriate monitoring software via both computer-based and mobile platforms.



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