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Introduction to the TAC IA Series
Introduction to the TAC IA Series
September 20, 2016

No matter the size and type of your facility, you need an intelligent automation system that will give you top not results with minimum controllability issues. This way, you can leverage maximum savings on power while still enhancing the efficiency of HVAC systems, alarms, security details, etc. TAC I/A Series deliver an open interoperable solution, powered through the internet so that you can retain full control from anywhere across the globe. This system supports industry standard open protocols and comes as a java enabled, web based product.

JBS Services provides a fully customizable work environment by giving a complete line of fully programmable open protocol controllers. Some advantages of the TAC I/A Series include:

  • Internet browser support – These controllers are fully supported by internet browsers, and can be availed for multiple users  at no extra maintenance cost
  • Full monitoring and control – everybody wants to work with a building management system that can deliver complete day-to-day management, monitoring and control. The TAC I/A Series avails data the way you want it at any time you need it
  • Real time data collection – Whether you want an audit trail of historical data or to use real-time data to make a certain decision, the TAC I/A Series makes this a possibility
  • Alarm management – A system is not efficient if it cannot properly process and rout alarms for proper interpretation. This system has a sophisticated processing and routing capability that avails information through cell phones, paging and emails
  • Scheduling – This is a powerful tool for any building management system. It is the feature that ensures you bookmark the system for future performance standards. This system provides a graphical calendar that powers holiday and event scheduling according to the needs of the user
  • Reporting – The TAC I/A Series from JBS Services allow for dynamic creation of custom reports with simplified masters cataloguing. 
Essentially a remote system. I\'d be interested to find out what the emergency override is like.
Posted by: Howard | December 8, 2016, 9:19 am
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