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Overview of DDC Control
Overview of DDC Control
July 28, 2016

DDC control is when a digital device, most likely a computer is used to control a process or a condition. A centralized network ensures that everything is controlled from a central point of access. Programming is used to control variables such as time schedules, logic, timers, set points and trend logs for instance. Unit controllers have both digital and analog inputs which allow variable measurements where the digital ones are used to start and stop some of the equipment in a building while analog outputs are for controlling voltage and current, this ensures medium-controlled devices movement control.


One of the main advantages of DDC control is that through a data bus, sharing of information is easy where all controllers are interconnected. In this intercommunication, languages such as building automation controlled network (BACnet) are used. This interconnection also makes it possible to control the networks from a central platform whereby monitoring is simplified as an advantage. The integration platforms are designed to be either network appliance or PC.


The DDC control is used to ensure regulated ventilation, heating and air conditioning in buildings, hence making the internal environmental conditions to be customized in whichever way depending on the needs of the facility. This improves staff efficiency due to a suitable working environment. They have a friendly human-computer interface where controlling is easy and in addition installing is easy since the whole system has been studied by professionals to be either fitted in a fresh building, older ones or in the case where its repair is mandatory. The features have made it get embraced by the modern technology since it promotes security as where a risk occurs like fire sensors activate fire alarms and audio short instructions to staffs inside, this minimizes cases of dangers and also intruders that are unwanted can be easily detected and stopped in safe zones.


JBS services specializes in providing superior quality DDC controls to North American clients.

What parts of the interface can be customized?
Posted by: Delainey | December 8, 2016, 9:18 am
Good information, I had no clue they produced trend logs as well.
Posted by: Harry | August 8, 2016, 9:36 am
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