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Retrofit & Upgrade Work

We can work with your existing system and give it an upgrade with modern equipment so that it runs at top efficiency.

Retrofit & Upgrade Work

Working with an existing system? It’s time to get an upgrade. Older systems are not energy efficient, are faulty, and can cost your business more money in the long run. Our field devices including Siebe temperature controls and others can work wonders for your business’ efficiency and cost savings. DDC controls and TAC controls we implement as a part of our retrofitting program provide you with handy tools to turn your processes more efficient and smoother.

Here at JBS Services, we work closely with your existing systems to upgrade them to the 21st century through the implementation of Siebe temperature controls, DDC controls, and TAC controls. Our systems will offer luxuries such as ease of use so you can get back to your critical business operations.

As industry experts in the installation and retrofitting of DDC controls and Siebe temperature controls, among others, your upgrade will be a smooth, quick and easy process. Along with sales and servicing, JBS Services is ready to retrofit a new a high efficiency system that includes specialized TAC controls and others for your building.

It is critical to the success of your operations that your upgrade your automation systems and controls to the latest technology whenever it is financially possible. Whether you’re a large production facility or the owner of a highrise apartment building, the need for a high-end, profitable, and easy to use control system with associated software is very noticeable indeed. Upgrading from your old and outdated management system to a new one that works for you and not against you is a sensible business decision that will reward you in the long term.

Some of our work includes:

Extension of existing DDC system
Upgrade hardware and software of existing controls
Transition from obsolete/legacy systems
Upgrade existing Siebe temperature controls and components

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