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SmartStruxure 101: What this System Can Do for You
SmartStruxure 101: What this System Can Do for You
May 15, 2017

SmartStruxure is a system patented by Schneider Electric that utilizes software and hardware in engineering and maintenance services for buildings and other structures. This system involves the company’s EcoStruxure Web Service that governs physical building management as well as power services, data connectivity and other internal systems within the structure itself.

SmartStruxure is not a standalone system. The system provides seamless connectivity in partnership with other industry partners. Ultimately, SmartStruxure governs and monitors the control and management of HVAC systems, energy and lighting facilities, vertical transport systems and emergency services systems, waste disposal systems and many other critical building facilities and systems.

Here is what Smartstruxure has to offer you:


Centralized Control

Using the SmartStruxure system provides an overview of building management within one area. Gone would be the need to be physically present to address a situation within the building. With one control switch, specific areas can be controlled, powered down and resources may be diverted to other much needed areas.

Efficient Usage

A building is not a static user of energy and resources. At any given time, there could be more demand in one area and less demand in a given area. Thus, using the SmartStruxure system, areas with greater demand for electricity, data connectivity and other resources can be focused, leading to a more efficient use of resources. In the long term this will result in significant savings.

Security Structure

One of the key responsibilities of building management is security. The SmartStruxure system operates as one system as opposed to separate and scattered systems. Thus, all these integrated systems can help in monitoring security concerns and areas in the building.


The SmartStruxure system is a holistic approach to building management. The seamless integration of differing elements comprising building facilities and management makes for a cost efficient, centrally managed and secure structure for use. SmartStruxure is a smart solution for today’s needs and tomorrow’s challenges. Read more in our brochure: http://www.jbsservices.ca/files/smart-struxure-solution.pdf or give us a call at 905.453.8297 and let’s talk about what SmartStruxure can do for you!

As a building manager, I'm loving the new SmartStruxure system! Managing my HVAC systems, energy and lighting facilities is now a breeze.
Posted by: Roy W. | June 15, 2017, 10:23 am
I have a keen interest in IT and building management systems - this sounds like something we could be seeing in every commercial building pretty soon!
Posted by: Farah W. | May 15, 2017, 11:30 am
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