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SmartStruxure Intelligent Management System in Perspective
SmartStruxure Intelligent Management System in Perspective
April 06, 2017

Designed in a compelling, simple, and reliable architecture that is easy to use, SmartStruxure is the ultimate building management system of choice. Every detail beautifully executed to allow you to improve the efficiency of your processes while slashing your operational costs. Its striking contemporary look ensures that you always know the next process in your building before it happens. In layman thinking, that’s the ideal power of intelligent management; but that’s not all. The integrated building management system is packaged to deliver optimal agility of traditional software at the click of a button. Here’s the out-of-box picture of what you get in the package.


Access control and security management

Matched with a striking design, the multi-coloured SmartStruxure allows you to manage access to your building. To help you figure out the security in your building, the system has access control and video control automation tabs. These give you optimal management and control of those accessing your premises with ease. The video option gives you a 3600 exterior and interior view of your premises through systemized CCTV monitoring.


Energy monitoring

SmartStruxure is the convergence of efficiency and simplicity of smart off-grid energy management solutions. By having the powerful ability to monitor the distribution, use, and consumption of grid or off-grid renewable energy, the system helps you trim your energy costs effectively. This is done through the lighting control, energy monitoring, and the renewable energy sub-systems. The distribution monitoring system on the other hand allows you to accurately detect and determine faults and flaws in the power distribution network in your building.


HVAC, Critical power and IT control

While conventional HVAC and power control systems require physical monitoring of the systems, SmartStruxure digitizes it. This is due to the ability of the system to automatically monitor and accurately report on the performance metrics associated with various HVAC, power and IT systems.


While getting the must-have program from the designer may not be as easy, working with authorized dealers such as JBS Services will always save you time and money.

SmartStruxure is a neat system!
Posted by: Owen V. | June 15, 2017, 10:24 am
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