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The Basics of Building Automation Services
The Basics of Building Automation Services
April 21, 2016

First of all, what is a building automation system? It is a computer system that controls the requirements of each part of a building. Temperature sensors from every area are connected to output sources which are connected to outstations located throughout the building. Every outstation has their own computer system programmed with the information to help manage the controls of the part of the building it is assigned. All the information is in real time which makes it very convenient. The computer technology automatically allows the system to change based on the sensors but access through a remote is also available through an attached modem.

In addition to controlling the building environment, information will allow building managers to respond to emergencies, for example power outages. When controlling the temperature of the different areas of the space the building automation system takes consideration to the temperature outside, space temperature and the structure of the building.

If the current building management system has been in operation for more than ten years, it may be time to upgrade to an updated building automation system because the current technology is likely obsolete. The newer systems is a vital opportunity to optimize energy monitoring capabilities like real time recognition of any HVAC problems because they can have negative effects on the people in the building. When equipped with a building automation system, those managing the system are able to solve any problems before they impact any occupants in the building.


If you use this on your building, there is probably something similar for your home.
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This sounds very useful !
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