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The Basics of HVAC Control Systems
The Basics of HVAC Control Systems
November 09, 2017

HVAC control systems are undoubtedly vital for a building’s efficient services. HVAC – Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning – is an intricate and complex system that is uniquely created for each location. Understanding how these systems work makes it easier to understand just how important the work offered by JBS Services can be.

Initially, these systems were designed with more emphasis on “HVAC” than “control;” they were designed to run constantly, which meant they had very low lifespans. Running constantly meant that faults and problems with the machines would manifest very early into operation, which eventually would escalate into complete breakdowns that left inhabitants with uncomfortable building temperatures for long periods of time. Building owners then had to pay for frequent repairs, in addition to the exorbitant costs of having to constantly run the building’s air control.


These were significant problems, and they led to the innovation of HVAC control systems.


HVAC control systems function through one of two general setups:

  • Controllers - The controllers are customizable interfaces that centralize the building’s air control schedules, timers, and alarms. More importantly, it keeps track of variables such as temperature or humidity to compare the intended progress with the actual progress of the system.
  • Automation - An automation system works to maintain the building’s internal systems, and give building owners increased control over their function. Typically, the systems will generate alarms to indicate how various elements of the system are functioning, and enable managers to respond accordingly.

Because of the level of control afforded to automation-based air control, it is typically favoured for more complex projects. Controllers can be more easily programmed and trusted to work without as much supervision, and so are preferred in more straightforward applications of HVAC control systems.

The innovations and advancements that have brought heating, ventilation, and air conditioning to where it is today are both welcome and remarkable. JBS Services is proud to be a leader in its industry, and would welcome your inquiries, projects, and needs any time. Contact us today to get a quote for your building!

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