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The basics of the Barber Colman Network 8000
The basics of the Barber Colman Network 8000
September 08, 2016

As a specialist in building automation, JBS services offers all sorts technical solutions to both industrial and commercial clients related to Barber Colman network 8000 product lines. We supply, install and maintain HVAC devices and DDC components for a wide range of systems to ensure that everything remains under your control. We have a vast experience in working with a wide range of systems, and will not stop until you get the most out of your installation

So, how does the system work?

The Barber Colman network 8000 is an integrated modular HVAC and energy control system used for non-residential buildings. This family of systems contains global control satellites (GCS), global control modules (GCM), host computers and local control modules (LCM). It offers a modular approach that can either be integrated with an existing auxiliary system or as a standalone control package.  It features a wide range of controls including

  • HVAC control
  • Fire safety enhancement
  • Access regulation
  • Reporting and central mo0nitorjbng
  • Security enhancement
  • Energy management
  • Direct digital control

In order to achieve its purpose, the Barber Colman network 8000 systems are interconnected through local area networks.  Whether you want to install this system or upgrade it to a newer version, JBS services has the technical expertise to carry you safely through the process

How do you know you are working with an appropriate partner?

The company you choose for your installations must have the appropriate license to deal with Barber Colman network 8000. Moreover, they need to ensure that the persons dealing with your system are qualified in air conditioning, mechanical series and refrigeration, with a restricted electrical license or repair servicing license, to carry out services, tests and make logbook entries. We will proudly provide evidence of our certification in dealing with all types of automation controls in Canada. 

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