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The Convenience of Energy Management Control Systems
The Convenience of Energy Management Control Systems
August 05, 2016

Energy management control systems can help you lower your building energy consumption by up to 30 percent by offering the tools that make your plant equipment, lighting systems and HVAC more efficient. A building is considered to be energy efficient if the same amount of work and efficiency is accomplished with lower energy than it would normally take. With operational efficiency becoming a major factor in the construction industry today, management systems give businesses an opportunity to save fuel bills in addition to reducing the emission of greenhouse gases.

Some of the benefits of energy management control systems include:

  • Improvement of business bottom line by reducing general maintenance costs
  • They help you incorporate best practices of energy management without compromising on the quality of service
  • Incorporation of demand response capability
  • Creation of comfortable environment for employees and building occupants
  • It helps your business comply with emission reduction and energy efficiency obligations and goals

JBS is a full-service energy management and building automation contractor whose aim is to provide upgraded management systems with improved capabilities for modern applications. Our open control systems deliver cutting edge benchmarking and performance monitoring for all facility and building systems. Our approach ensures that you retain total control over what goes on in your building, leaving the decision for recommendations, evaluations and enhancements in your hands.

The difference between our energy management control systems and other more generic versions is that we integrate everything into a single, centralized monitoring device. This saves you the need for independent controls for every condition. The energy consumption and demand can be accurately adjusted anytime in order to maximize the overall system efficiency and reduce peak demand surcharges.  Depending on your situation, we can have our system fine-tuned in order to maximize the use of untapped capabilities.

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