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The Essentials of DDC Controls
The Essentials of DDC Controls
October 21, 2016

Nowadays, technological advancement has brought a total change in how things are done with direct digital control taking center stage when being used to control conditions. With this method of utilizing DDC controls, a central network method is embraced whereby all the necessary information is gathered through the use of digital and analogue converters. A computer is then used to handle the situation by following all the set production rules and passing the information to the necessary places. Some of its advantages include:

Communicating data

Ddc controls are linked together in a way so that they use similar information. A control system which is within the system then passes the information with the use of an open protocol language. It makes work easier by way that employee costs are minimized and the data collected is also more reliable - as unlike humans, machines don’t get fatigued irrespective of the number of hours they work.


Ddc controls are also used in controlling the temperatures in buildings whereby they check the heating, ventilation and air condition. A report is then send to the central computer system form where relevant actions are taken based on the results found. It’s one item which has made things easier in the modern world in that you don’t need to have employees on the ground checking if things are going in the right way each moment.


 You cannot compare the cost incurred when this method is used to the older days. Things have become cheaper nowadays thanks to ddc controls which allow the integration of processes to take place.

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I didn\'t know that these systems could be so affordable. I guess I just assumed it was a major investment. Thanks for setting me straight.
Posted by: Jeff H. | November 30, 2016, 11:59 am
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