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The History of The TAC Group and TAC Controls
The History of The TAC Group and TAC Controls
September 14, 2017

TAC is a Swedish-based company specializing in building management, security as well as solutions for energy efficiency. Founded in 1925, TAC has since grown significantly thanks to various acquisitions and partnership agreements, patenting systems such as TAC Controls to the market.

In 2003, TAC was acquired by Schneider Electric. All of its products, services and solutions are now under the Schneider Electric name including the groundbreaking TAC Control system.

The following are the major reasons why TAC Controls have become essential to the growth and expansion of the Schneider Electric brand.

Market Trailblazer

TAC has paved the way for other building automation companies with the following 'firsts':

  1. First to integrate Direct Digital Control (DDC) technologies for building management and automation.
  2. First to integrate HVAC and access control systems.
  3. First to embed and utilize a web server into a building controller.
  4. First to develop a controller based, telephone user interface with programmable voice menus.

Software Innovator

TAC also has many ‘firsts’ in software innovation and development:

  1. First to develop freely programmable LON based TAC controls platform;
  2. First to develop BACnet support to all facility and security TAC controls;
  3. First to provide complete integrated solutions based on Open Integrated Systems for Building IT TAC controls.

TAC Group and TAC controls as a product has become the renowned standard when it comes to building automation control systems.  The company is both a market trailblazer and software innovator in the building automation industry. Their nearly 80 years of experience in development of controls systems, and continuous drive for innovation enables TAC and TAC controls to remain an industry leader.

To learn more about TAC, visit: https://goo.gl/98pFvn JBS Services is proud to partner with Schneider Electric: we are an official supplier and distributor of their building automation systems.

Contact us today to inquire about TAC Controls, Schneider Electric, or any of our other building automation system solutions!


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