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Tips for Effective Energy Management in Commercial Buildings
Tips for Effective Energy Management in Commercial Buildings
April 26, 2017

Energy consumption takes a considerable percentage of commercial revenue. Surprisingly, there are numerous ways of cutting down on the costs associated with the energy consumption at both domestic and commercial scales. These primarily constitute building energy management tips that anyone can employ with much ease.


Go green

Green energy is a modern approach to the energy consumption in buildings. It advocates the use of energy effective equipment and facilities in easing environmental pollution associated with energy consumption. Common green-energy ways of powering your buildings include the use of wind and solar energy as an alternative to the traditional non-renewable energy sources.


Switch it off when not required

Recent studies indicate high energy consumption as directly sourced from activities that can be avoided. By making energy saving a lifestyle, you not only cut on your operational costs but also improve the overall performance related to energy consumption. For instance, properly lit rooms should have their lighting switched off whenever the natural day lighting is available. When properly embraced and implemented, this building energy management tip can lead to tremendous savings on energy-related costs.


Automate your processes

Automation of building management is a great step in reducing your operational energy consumption. Factually speaking, automated building management systems can help slash your energy consumption by 30-50 percent. Your automation process should consider automating lighting through motion sensors, socket access through plugs or initiating escalator motion only when a user approaches it. When properly enforced, such measures lower energy consumption in buildings as well as reduce the overall energy consumption associated with unnecessary processes. As a great plus to the process, you should consider deploying a centralized process management system that takes into account energy consumption in all critical processes within your premises.


For further tips on how to slash your energy consumption, professional advice is required. At JBS Services, we specialize in the delivery of profound building energy management solutions. 

Going green doesn't have to be difficult, I agree!
Posted by: Eunice L. | August 24, 2017, 12:03 pm
Going green as a building manager is tough: thanks for the tips!
Posted by: Marlene J. | June 15, 2017, 10:24 am
I'm very environmentally conscious and always thinking of ways to be greener - great read!
Posted by: Henry V, | May 15, 2017, 11:29 am
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