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What are the benefits of having a building automation system?
What are the benefits of having a building automation system?
January 13, 2017

A building automation system is a control system that is computer based, which monitors electrical and mechanical equipment in a building, such as ventilations, fire, power and security systems. It has a software and hardware program which use protocols such as profibus and c-bus. They are mostly used in large projects with HVAC, extensive mechanical and electrical systems. It manages the energy demand in buildings, hence controlling their internal environment. Application can be in areas such as control panel, lifts, fire alarm systems, CCTV, PA system, security automation among other areas.

Benefits of a Building Automation System

The benefits of having a building automation system include;

  • Higher staff productivity
  • Less time and money spent during maintenance
  • Better plant reliability and life
  • Effective handling of HVAC related complaints
  • Individual room control
  • Effective monitoring of energy consumption

To the building managers, it has the following advantages;

  • Increased rental value
  • Flexible building use
  • Remote monitoring of fire and plumbing pumps, STP, WTP among other plants.
  • Maintenance companies get advantages such as;
  • Increased number of satisfied occupants
  • Easy availability of information
  • Computerized maintenance scheduling
  • Effective maintenance staff
  • Early problem detection
  • Increased operation saving- due to efficient deployment of resources, operational costs are reduced hence motivating operators and simplifying  training hence less false alarm.
  • Reduced risk-integrated security solutions and strategic mobile helps fasten response timeand reduce risks for people business and property.
  • Intelligent reporting- reports that can be easily understood enhances transparency in the system history and leads to compliance.
  • Consolidation of data into a single system to enhance easy decision making and reporting.


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