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What's Smart About Smart Buildings?
What's Smart About Smart Buildings?
October 19, 2017

Out with the old, in with the new. Technology nowadays is continuously evolving and has consistently been providing plenty of improvements that make our everyday tasks easier. Smart, fast and efficient solutions are the trend and with our technological advances, completing tasks is now so much easier.

The conventional manual controls are now being replaced by automated systems that make use of a computer programmed to keep track of the operational aspects of any facility. This is usually centralized to make things so much easier to the management and the operator. One of the great innovations that we have now is the Smart Building which is a structure designed with a building automation system to monitor and manage the mechanical and electrical services such as the building's heater, air conditioning, ventilation, lighting facility, vertical transport and more.

Customized to cater to the specific needs of your business, Smart Buildings provide plenty of advantages for any organization.

The building automation system installed in smart buildings makes managing everyday operations faster and more efficient. This system gives the operator the means to access most if not all aspects of the building's services. This system helps reduce energy cost through the easy monitoring of usage and the automatic adjustment of settings. For instance, one can easily program the system to adjust the temperature at a certain time of the day to lessen the energy consumption, setting a schedule for lights to turn on and other tasks.

Another advantage of a building automation system is that it helps decrease inefficiencies in the overall operation. With set schedules and programmed settings, smart buildings are designed to run smoothly with minimal supervision. Building automation systems make building management so much easier. With vast experience in working with a variety of systems, JBS Services can assist you in converting your structure into a smart building. Call JBS Services at 905.453.8297 to know more about how to improve your building operations.


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