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What you need to know about building management systems
What you need to know about building management systems
February 10, 2016

If you are wondering what all this fuss about building automation is about, you will find this very useful. If you’ve been keen around most modern buildings, you notice that no one is up and about opening windows every now and then. The room conditions are automated, and controlled from a centralized point through a building management system.

A building management system, commonly referred as a BMS is a control system that monitors and manages the electrical, electromechanical and mechanical services in a facility. This cuts across a wide range of elements including ventilation, heating, power, and physical access control, air conditioning, pumping stations, lights and elevators.

The most basic building management system consists of a server with a database, software and sensors connected round the building. The sensors gather data and send it to the management system, where it’s stored, analyzed and interpreted accordingly. In the event a sensor reports data which is below or above the pre-defined conditions, it triggers an alarm, which invokes human action. For instance, if you are running a data centre, the building management system can trigger an alarm when server temperatures exceed the acceptable limits

Depending on your application, the BMS software can be installed as a standalone application or integrated with other building monitoring programs. Modern BMSes, however can manage and monitor a wide range of building services, through multiple protocols and platforms. They provide the administrator with a single, interpreted and shared view of the facility’s operations.

JBS is a robust vendor of building management system, whose sole focus is to provide functional platforms to match changing client’s needs. We are in the front line in developing IP based BMSes, that aim at controlling building recourses and integrated IT as part of the overall energy management strategy. We seek to customize applications according to various needs to ensure that every system performs optimally once installed.


I save so much money with my automated system.
Posted by: Daniel | June 2, 2016, 4:00 pm
Great info on what a building management system is, will consider for my company!
Posted by: Danjaan | April 21, 2016, 2:06 pm
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