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Why Companies On The Rise Need a Building Automation System
Why Companies On The Rise Need a Building Automation System
February 02, 2017

If you’ve yet to hear about building automation and you’ve got a company on the rise, you should get educated now.


In its ideal sense, building automation refers to the process of creating a centralized system through which various operations in the building can be monitored, controlled, and managed. This is achieved through the integration of both hardware and software capabilities in a highly networked environment. Ever heard of connectivity? Our systems take this term to a new level. Automation within your building improves your operational efficiency while cutting on the cost of managing your premises. In this article, we discuss the reasons why a building automation system is important.


The control function

An automated building management system is critical in defining your ability to control various processes remotely in real-time. The control’s architecture of your envisioned building automation system should effectively allow for expansive view of your premises while allowing for piece-wise control of every type of function. By incorporating this forward-looking concept in your pre-automation considerations, you make sure to match your capacity building requirements.


The efficiency requirement

Different buildings have different resource consumption and efficiency requirements. This is mostly exemplified through the energy consumption needs, as well as the need to have backup plans to substitute failures in various facilities in the building. A well-equipped automation system for your building should offer effective management of the available resources. By having the needs tailored to meet the occupancy requirements, your efficiency is considerably improved. 


Monitoring and correction

Smart buildings are easy to monitor and correct any system failures for a multitude of processes. Technological applications ensure that your operational efficiency is not daunted by system downtimes. Since the systems are centrally monitored, corrective measures can be easily implemented.


Alerting whenever necessary

A good building automation system offers reliable feedback to the users in the form of alerts and alarms. This is as a result of process monitoring where system failures arising from breakdowns or device failure is reported in real-time.


Make sure you know your building inside and out before someone else does.

Didn't know this was so important, gotta bring it to the company!!
Posted by: Ted | April 26, 2017, 1:13 pm
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